FT Mallet CL

FT Mallet CL

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Product Description

Mallet CL wafers contain a powerful a para-pheromone, culeure which is highly attractive to the male Queensland fruit fly. The wafer is produced from a synthetic matrix which is incorporated with 2 g active of cuelure plus an insecticide, Malathion which allows a uniform release of the attractant for a period of up to 16 weeks.
Use rate:
Mallet CL wafers are used in traps at the rate of 5 traps per hectare for monitoring or up to 20 traps for MAT ( Male Annihilation Technique ) .

Directions for Use:

Use one (1) wafer for each monitoring trap and place within foliage at a height of approximately 1.5 meter preferable on the north eastern side. Traps should be monitored weekly and catches will assist in implementing or changing your fruit fly management strategy.

Sold in packets of 12 or single units.