BioTrap Fruit Fly Attractant Gel

BioTrap Fruit Fly Attractant Gel

Product Brochure


General Instructions:

Biotrap Fruit Fly Attractant Gel is a non hazardous, safe to handle gel designed to be used in conjunction with the Biotrap V1 trap and has proven to attract both the male and female fruit fly but generally higher numbers of the female are attracted particularly at fruit ripening. The product is suitable for both commercial and domestic uses and is suitable to be used in conjunction with intergraded pest management systems.

How to Use:
Squeeze 50-60 mL of Gel into the base of the trap, add one Biotrap DDVP cube and place the trap within the tree preferably on the eastern side at a height of approximately 1.5 meters. The trap should be inspected weekly to monitor fruit fly activity particularly in the fruit bearing period. The traps will attract Fruit Flies particularly the female during egg laying, therefore it is important to install traps early at least 6 weeks prior to fruit ripening.

Directions for Use:
For domestic or backyard install one trap for every 15 sq.meter, place traps in trees exposed to early morning sun.
For commercial orchards, place traps every 15 meter around perimeter of the ripening crop, ensure to place traps at least 6 weeks prior to fruit ripening. Additional traps can be employed throughout the crop but it is important to protect the boundaries. The Biotrap Attractant Gel and trapping system provides an effective monitoring system when used with male traps. Protein bait spraying will support this system.

Replace or replenish traps every 3 months. Check traps regularly for fruit fly activity, weekly during the season, fortnightly-monthly off-season.

Avoid contaminating the outer surface of the trap with the Gel as this will attract the flies to this area.

Safety Directions:
Avoid contact with eyes. Wash gel from hands if in contact.
Dispose of DDVP cube in accordance with requirements.