Biotrap has launched it’s new Trap Biotrap V2 X

Biotrap has launched it’s new Biotrap V2 X

In recent weeks Biotrap Australia has launched it's much awaited Biotrap V2 X. It is manufactured in Australia by injection moulding. Hence it is more robust, UV tolerant and will have field life in excess of 5+ years. Importantly it is still one of the cheapest fruit fly traps in the market, it is reusable and now is considered one of the best traps globally.

This tops off the Biotrap range of products with its' bait spray Hym-Lure which has been independently tested as the best in the market. The Attractant Gel researched by various bodies as the most attractive to the immature fruit flies and specifically the female. Biotrap fruit fly management strategies are proven as the most effective in the market.

Commercial orchards, urban areas and even the home gardener can actively attack this damaging pest. Various regional fruit fly groups around Australia have selected the Biotrap products as their preferred choice to manage this destructive pest. Biotrap provides government agencies with products for the vital bio-security monitoring network and home gardeners are able to source some of these products for their requirements. 

Biotrap has extensively researched why some traps perform better than others and concluded that most trap manufacturers agree for the majority of fruit fly species that a yellow base with a clear lid is proven to be the most efficient. Traps that restrict the fly from exiting once they enter the trap will obviously perform better. The size and positioning of the entry holes may make a difference and this may be different between the male and the female although there are no studies to show this.

Most trapping is done for monitoring which is for the male fly but of more recent times female biased lures have become more common. The use of traps for mass trapping where 40 -120 traps per hectare are deployed the relative cost and efficacy is of prime concern. If you intend to re-use the traps from one year to the next it is important to use a trap that is sufficiently robust and easy to install.

Biotrap will continue to research products and strategies for fruit fly management to ensure that we can someday effectively control this pest.

Published: Wednesday 21st November 2018
Author: Biotrap Australia
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Last Update: 21-11-2018 10:31