Bait Now for Fruit Flies
Author: Colin Bain

Bait Now for Fruit Flies

Bait now for fruit flies?

It is very important to bait now for the Queensland fruit fly! WHY - this particular fly overwinters as an adult and emerging flies will be looking for food to survive the Winter.

If you provide a food source for them as either bait ( protein source ) or as a gel in a trap they will be attracted to it. The more flies you attract and destroy at this time means fewer flies in the Spring time when the weather warms. The Queensland Fruit Fly seeks out a warm location around housing and sheds to spend the Winter, they survive quite well in these areas and only become active when the early morning temperature exceeds 13 + degrees.

After Winter and in early Spring as the overwintering flies emerge from their slumber it is important to recommence trapping and baiting as again they will be hungry for a food source.

Milestone Report report conducted by the Queensland Dept. of Agriculture & Fisheries 2015 concluded a superior attractiveness displayed by the protein HYM-LURE® was confirmed in the research. 

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Published: Tuesday 3rd July 2018
Author: Colin Bain
More Info: Biotrap Australia

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