Products for Fruit Fly Management

Colin Bain
11 August 2017

Bio-Trap Australia Pty Ltd is an Australian company with international links whose focus is on developing innovative and practical products for the management of Fruit Flies (Family Tephritidae). Bio-Trap Australia is committed to providing commercial growers, governmental authorities and home gardeners with effective products for the management of this serious pest.


Biotrap has developed the V1 trap which has proven to be a superior performer and offers many features which include; high trapping efficacy, easy assembly and installation, light weight and stackable for transport, robust and secure.

Bio-Trap Attractant Gel Bio-Trap through research collaboration has developed a female biased attractant Gel which is a non-hazardous, safe to handle gel designed to be used in conjunction with the V1 trap. The Gel attracts both male and female fruit flies of various species with a bias towards the female flies.

Male Pheromone Lures
Bio-Trap produce and market a range of male lures including, Cuelure, Trimedlure and Methyl Eugenol. These are available as technical grade materials or as lures in various combinations.

Bio-Trap formulates Hym-LureĀ® from imported technical material, this has proven to be a superior bait for attracting a range of fruit fly species and as a low salt hydrolyzed protein product less fruit staining or phytotoxicity has resulted.

Bio-Trap has registered for use in Australia DDVP (Dichlorvos) cubes, these are 15mm (1.47g) cubes these are used in conjunction with the relevant lure to provide quick and effective knockdown of the insect on entry to the trap. They have an effective life of 3 months.

Bio-Trap continues to research and develop new products for the management of fruit flies

Bio-Trap Products (pdf)