Update on QFF outbreak in Como and surrounding suburbs
Author: DPIRD

Update on Queensland fruit fly outbreak in Como and surrounding suburbs

The Quarantine Area established to help contain a Queensland fruit fly (Qfly) outbreak in the Como area has been extended to include Curtin University and part of Bentley.

The Quarantine Area was first declared on 5 May 2018 following the detection of 16 Qfly over 14 days. According to the Australian Fruit Fly Code of Practice, the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development (DPIRD) commenced an eradication program, including establishment of a Quarantine Area (1.5km radius from detections) and Outbreak Zone (200m radius from detections).

Extension of the Quarantine Area was triggered by an additional three adult male Qfly caught in traps on the perimeter of the current Outbreak Zone on 14 May 2018. The Quarantine Area now includes all or parts of Bentley, Como, Kensington, Karawara and South Perth. In this area there are restrictions on the movement and disposal of home-grown fruit and vegetables (outlined below). 

To date, an additional 51 Qfly traps have been placed in the Outbreak Zone, which are being checked twice a week. DPIRD's existing traps within the Quarantine Area are also being checked twice weekly.

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Published: Thursday 24th May 2018
Author: DPIRD
More Info: City of South Perth

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