Fruit Fly Quarantine Area WA
Author: Curtin University

Fruit Fly Quarantine Area WA

A Quarantine Area has been established in response to Queensland fruit fly detections and includes Bentley, Como, Karawara, South Perth and Kensington areas (including the Curtin University Campus).

Residents of these areas must not move any home-grown fruit or vegetables out of the Quarantine Area unless they have been cooked or preserved, or disposed of according to strict guidelines.

The eradication program that has been established involves a baiting program on properties close to detection points. Baiting requires access to private properties. If residents are not home, a contact card will be left to arrange a return visit.

Public support for this eradication is vital to protect our valuable horticultural production in WA, with measures to remain in place until at least November 2018.

A map of the Quarantine Area, full list of host fruit and vegetables and more advice to residents is available on the Department website.

Residents who have seen Qfly or have infested fruit can call the Department's Pest and Disease Information Service on 9368 3080.

Published: Tuesday 22nd May 2018
Author: Curtin University
More Info: Curtin University

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